About Field Archery

A brief summary of Field Archery


Field Archery is intended to represent hunting, actual hunting with a bow and arrow is, quite rightly,  illegal in the UK.


Field Archery … is usually shot in woodland, at pictures of animals, could be paper or hessian, and maybe some life size animals made from foam.


Typically a club would have use of some woodland where a course of targets would be set up, generally there would be 20, 36 or 40 targets set out under strict guide lines set up by the National Field Archery Society, taking into account safety of the archers and other people/animals who may be in the local area.


Each target is shot from marker pegs set at unknown distances, the course will usually be set up by the course master using  all manner of undulating ground, shady area etc. to trick the archer,

making each shot a challenge for the archer to judge the distance.


Generally a maximum of 3 arrows would be shot at each target with the scores being highest for the first arrow.


There is a comprehensive explanation of the rules and guidelines on the

National Field Archery Society website